April 11, 2021


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2021 Franchise Tag Discussion Thread

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2021 Franchise Tag Discussion Thread
Aaron Schatz
05 Mar 2021, 04:15pm

The deadline for announcing franchise tags is Tuesday, March 9. Today the first franchise tag was announced. We’ll keep track of the players who have been tagged and discuss them in this thread.

March 5

DEN FS Justin Simmons

I like to think I watch…


I like to think I watch football a lot, but “DEN FS Justin Simmons” gave me a big questionmark.

Safeties are still very underrated in this league. It’s because of the camera angles.


Is Simmons the only positive…

Is Simmons the only positive result of the Vance Joseph regime? I remember the minor furor among Broncos players and fans when Joseph cut TJ Ward to make room for Simmons, but Justin showed everyone his valuebon the field pretty much immediately. 


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