April 16, 2021


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3 trades that could bring Russell Wilson to New England

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The New England Patriots have spent the last 20-plus years largely being conservative, but now facing another offseason without Tom Brady and a desperate need to get back into contention, perhaps some serious aggression is needed to right the ship.

And what do you know! The latest reports suggest the Seattle Seahawks could be trading Russell Wilson in the near future.

Are you awake, Bill Belichick? Cough up the draft picks!

You can build around this guy in a heartbeat and attempt to leapfrog the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins in 2021. There’s just that little…no-trade clause thing to navigate.

Let’s face it. Belichick won’t be coaching forever and those two division rivals are built for the next five or so years, assuming Josh Allen re-ups with Buffalo and the Dolphins figure out their QB situation. What does that mean? The Pats can’t be waiting for a prospect in the draft to turn around the offense.

They need an immediate impact player who will benefit from the team’s rushing attack and stingy defense. Though there were a lot of issues in 2020, the Patriots are about to get a lot of players back from their opt outs and they possess a ton of cap space to make multiple ground-breaking moves in free agency.

But perhaps their first such transaction should come in the trade market in the form of a Russell Wilson acquisition.

Here are three trade scenarios that could land the Patriots Russell Wilson from the Seahawks.

Russell Wilson #3 of the Seattle Seahawks (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

3. Patriots send three first-round picks to Seahawks for Wilson

Let’s start off with the easiest one. According to reports, the starting asking price is three first-round picks. It’s hard to see that going much higher since Seattle doesn’t have a ton of leverage, with Wilson reportedly wanting out coupled with the fact he’s one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the league.

The Patriots covet their draft picks like no other franchise, but they haven’t unequivocally hit on a first-round draft pick since … 2012! That is almost NINE years ago. Belichick does his best work in EVERY other round, so what’s the harm in parting ways with three picks that will be No. 15 or worse from 2021-2023?

Assuming the franchise continues to scout talent in a superior manner from rounds 2-7, this really wouldn’t hurt the Pats at all, and it’d give them an immediate game-changer in Wilson, who would make this offense more dynamic than any fan could imagine. New England’s top rushing attack would not only open up lanes for Wilson to run himself, but it’d help him move the ball down field more, which is something Josh McDaniels loves to do if given the opportunity.

After that, all Belichick has to do is add a bonafide No. 1 receiver. Think Allen Robinson would say yes to the Pats if Wilson is under center?

Patriots: 3 trades that could bring Russell Wilson to New England

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