January 27, 2022


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5 things learned at Packers rookie minicamp

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5 things learned at Packers rookie minicamp

2. Amari Rodgers’ choice of No. 8 to symbolize ‘everything coming full circle’

The third-round pick was the first to take advantage of the NFL relaxing its rules on which numbers skill-position players are permitted to wear.

Unfortunately, the No. 3 Rodgers wore at Clemson already was retired in Green Bay in honor of Pro Football Hall of Fame running back Tony Canadeo.

No problem. Instead, Rodgers decided to get a little more creative and picked out the No. 8.

“You know, ‘8’ is just a three but you close it in,” Rodgers said. “Everything came full circle, so that’s really how I saw it. Everything coming full circle, all the work I put in came full circle. Now I’m here achieving my dream. That’s what that ‘8’ symbolizes to me.”

While Friday’s rookie minicamp practice lasted just over an hour, Rodgers made a positive first impression in a Packers uniform.

The 5-foot-9, 212-pound receiver had offensive players hooting and hollering after catching a deep ball from quarterback Chad Kelly midway through practice. He also was the lone individual fielding punts on Friday.

“I’m ready for it,” said Rodgers of wearing so many hats in practice. “I’m just gonna prepare myself, get my body in shape, to take on that role. I know they’re looking at me in a lot of positions, so I just gotta be ready for it. I’m just gonna embrace it, attack it head-on.”


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