April 14, 2021


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Attorney: Five more cases will be filed against Deshaun Watson

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There have been seven lawsuits filed in Texas alleging sexual misconduct by Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson against masseuses and the attorney that filed them said on Friday that more are coming.

At a press conference from his Houston office, Tony Buzbee said that he is now representing 12 women who accuse Watson of misconduct. He said that the five lawsuits yet to be filed allege “the same or very similar conduct” as the seven that have already been put into motion.

Buzbee added that his office has been in contact with 10 other women who have shared similar stories as the 12 women he represents. Buzbee also responded to Watson saying on social media that he and his clients were simply looking for money.

“This case isn’t about money. It’s certainly not about seeking publicity or fame . . . This case is about female empowerment, taking the power back,” Buzbee said.

Buzbee said that one of the masseuses was referred to Watson by a member of the Texans organization and another by his private quarterback coach Quincy Avery. He added that one of the accusations against Watson concerns an incident in the last month and that it happened after Watson was aware of the allegations being made against him.

Buzbee said he’s been contacted by the Houston Police Department and that his office will cooperate with investigations into Watson’s conduct by law enforcement and/or the NFL.

Attorney: Five more cases will be filed against Deshaun Watson

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