October 18, 2021


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Brady Signs Extension; Newton Back to Pats

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Some quarterback news this morning.

Tom Brady has signed a four-year extension with Tampa Bay but it’s actually just a cap-manipulation device that voids to a one-year extension. That ties Brady to the Bucs through the 2022 season, when he will be 45 years old. It spreads his cost over future years when the salary cap will be a lot higher than it is for 2021.

Meanwhile, Brady’s old team is bringing back Cam Newton on a one-year deal. It’s been reported as $14 million but that’s heavily incentives; looks like it is actually $8 million with $6 million in incentives. (UPDATE: Make that $5 million with $9 million in incentives.) Newton had a poor passing season in 2020 but I think some of the hope here is that part of Newton’s struggles were related to coming down with COVID midseason, and that he will improve with a full offseason to work with the Patriots coaches and some improvements in the Patriots receiving corps — which should be coming, as the Pats have a lot of cap space.


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