November 29, 2022


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Cam Newton’s glowing positivity is exactly what’s needed heading into 2021

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The New England Patriots are approaching their most compelling training camp in several years, as they’re planning to have an open competition for the starting quarterback job.

It’s unknown whether first-round pick Mac Jones has a realistic chance of challenging Cam Newton, but the latest rumors and comments from current Patriots players suggest the rookie gunslinger will give the 32-year-old veteran everything he can handle.

Following the Patriots’ free agent spending spree and selection of Jones, Newton has certainly become of secondary importance to the fanbase.

Incredibly enough, however, that didn’t stop him from oozing positivity during an interview with ESPN’s “Keyshawn, JWill, and Zubin.”

With so much uncertainty regarding Newton’s job security heading into camp, this glowing optimism is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Patriots fans will love Cam Newton’s attitude entering 2021.

When you consider everything that was said about Newton last season — plus the Patriots’ selection of Jones and the subsequent speculation about him winning the starting job at camp — the former MVP really had no reason to be this radiant.

That fact he was just speaks to Newton’s character and leadership, and further proves that the Patriots bringing him back on a one-year deal was the right call. After all, he figures to have a much better understanding of the team’s playbook, which was nearly impossible to pick up last offseason given he was signed just before training camp and then was on the shelf with COVID-19.

As far as silencing the doubters, Newton is ready to answer the call. Later on in the interview, he acknowledged that it’s time to hold up his “end of the bargain” … though the Patriots didn’t exactly put him in a position to succeed in 2020. Still, however, the fan base couldn’t have asked for better answers (and an overall attitude) from the former No. 1 overall pick.

Like Newton, the last thing we want to do is promise fans that a huge bounce-back year is incoming.

However, considering that New England overhauled its offensive line and pass-catching group, as well as the fact Cam actually had a full offseason to connect with teammates and study the playbook, the stars certainly appear to be aligning for him to rebound.

And for any fans concerned about how Newton’s handling all the Jones buzz, the fact he already said it was the right pick for the organization and gave him his nickname proves the veteran taking everything in stride. Seriously, what more could the fans want?

Patriots: Cam Newton’s glowing positivity is exactly what’s needed heading into 2021

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