September 22, 2023


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Carlos Dunlap re-signed with Seahawks because he saw Wilson as his QB

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The Seattle Seahawks weren’t the only team interested in signing defensive end Carlos Dunlap to their roster this season, the veteran said there were other clubs courting him too.

“A lot of teams showed interest, but only the true competitors really actually made offers,” Dunlap told reporters Tuesday via his Zoom press conference. “But Seattle is where I wanted to be, so when the offer came from Seattle, I could tell you this . . . the deal was done within 24 hours from when they offered me to me signing.”

Part of the reason things proceeded so quickly was due to quarterback Russell Wilson. Dunlap said he wanted assurances Wilson would be a Seahawk this season before signing his new deal to stay in Seattle.

“I did ask him if, obviously, he was going to be with us, because if I’m coming back, I’m coming back because I see him as my quarterback, and the rest of the team, I want to pick up where we left off,” Dunlap explained. “And he told me he’s with us and he’s here to stay, and he said, ‘Let’s go, Hawks.’

“I’m not going to quote his every word – these words are not his words verbatim, but these are my explanation of how I interpreted what he said.”

Regardless of Wilson’s exact words, Dunlap agreed to his two-year contract with the understanding Wilson would remain his quarterback.

Carlos Dunlap re-signed with Seahawks because he saw Wilson as his QB

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