October 18, 2021


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Chris Hogan entering lacrosse draft was natural ending

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Just when you thought you’d seen it all with the New England Patriots, you see the most predictable thing of the past 365 days.

Incredible. Sometimes life bends all the way back around.

At the tail end of one of the strangest all-time Pats seasons, one in which the vast majority of the New England region migrated to Tampa Bay fandom to support their boys named Brady and Gronkowski, there might be another fandom bandwagon on the horizon.

Namely, whatever lacrosse team ends up drafting Chris Hogan.

That’s right! You couldn’t turn on a nationally televised Patriots game from 2016-2018 without hearing Cris Collinsworth grunt about how Hogan came from a lacrosse background and naturally ended up contributing for Bill Belichick’s “lacrosse guy” corps — after all, the coach was a lax player and coach himself in his younger days.

After a tough season with the Jets, it now appears Hogan is entertaining making the jump.

He’ll make himself available in the Premier Lacrosse Entry Draft this March, and could fall to one of eight teams in the league.

Now all we need is Julian Edelman making a permanent position change to quarterback, and we’ll have every mid-2010s announcer trope covered.

So, where will Hogan land? Will it be the back-to-back champions, Whipsnakes LC? What about Chaos LC or Waterdogs LC?

So many options!

Though Hogan seemed fated to try to someday recapture his lacrosse glory days, his Patriots career is, if anything, underrated. He and Danny Amendola have somehow been lumped together after leaving New England into a clump of wideout talents who were “just part of the system,” when in reality, both men made play after play after play during several Super Bowl runs.

Hogan’s exploits in the AFC Championship Game in Kansas City, especially, should never be forgotten. Without his insane fingertip-led diving catch, Brady might not have been “still here” in the Super Bowl in Atlanta a few weeks later.

As expected based on everything we learned about him in New England, Hogan’s lacrosse training has been no joke.

And that’s why he’s trending!

We won’t lie to you and pretend like we watched any PLL action in 2019 and 2020, but we’ll be sure to scope out wherever Hogan lands to see if he can recapture his Penn State glory days.

Hopefully, he gets a chance to play with the GOAT facilitator in this league, too.

Patriots: Chris Hogan entering lacrosse draft was natural ending

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