September 25, 2021


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Ernie Adams refuses to reveal answer to biggest mystery

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The New England Patriots’ dominant showing in the 2021 Draft was marred by Bill Belichick’s shocking revelation that longtime front office executive Ernie Adams would be leaving the organization as a whole this offseason.

It eventually became clear that Adams was retiring. The 68-year-old, of course, was notorious for keeping a low profile during his run with the Patriots, but he was vital to their success and his retirement can only be viewed as a gutting blow to the franchise.

Given how little fans know about his role, you’d think the Pats would let Adams ride off silently into the night, right?

Not exactly. In fact, in honor of his retirement, New England made him the guest of honor at a surprise press conference on Thursday.

With retirement right around the corner and having literally nothing to lose, Adams was asked to reveal the meaning behind the famed “Pink Stripes” mystery.

Much to the dismay of the media and fans, however, Adams refused to budge.

Ernie Adams is taking the “Pink Stripes” mystery into retirement.

“I go back to my Wall Street days. Everything we did, we said was proprietary trading information, so I’ll leave it at that,” Adams told reporters. “That’s strictly an inside joke and proprietary football information.”

Thanks for nothing, Adams! In all seriousness, Belichick’s longtime advisor has every right to handle this as he pleases.

For Patriots fans, it just means more speculation and being driven crazy wondering about the meaning behind the “Pink Stripes” phrase, which was first discovered on a whiteboard inside Adams’ office during a 2014 NFL Films documentary. The slogan cropped up again in 2020 when New England released a documentary on Adams.

If we’re being honest, Adams taking this mystery into retirement is a perfect end to his career, which had a ton of question marks surrounding it. Here’s what the Patriots former football research director had to say about the details of his mystery job.

“Basically, my job is to figure out as many things as I can to help the New England Patriots win football games,” Adams said. “In the end, that’s what we’re all about here. That’s what we do. So, whether it’s strategy, personnel or anything else. The thing that’s been great about my job is I’ve never really had any constraints put on me.

And reporters thought he’d reveal the meaning behind “Pink Stripes.” Pssh. That was never going to happen and Adams’ politically-driven answer about his job title proves that.

This is exactly how Belichick has answered questions throughout his coaching career, and it appears his right hand man is fully prepared to let one of the franchise’s greatest kept secrets remain a secret.

Be honest, Patriots fans. Could you have scripted it any better?

Patriots: Ernie Adams refuses to reveal answer to biggest mystery

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