September 25, 2021


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Even Patriots fans have to laugh at NESN’s take on Julio Jones trade proposal

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The New England Patriots are in the thick of the Julio Jones trade rumors, and it’s captivating fans in every pocket of the base.

Social media has been set ablaze and many are wondering what a Cam Newton-Jones connection would look like, in addition to how this potential acquisition would help the development of rookie Mac Jones, who figures to become the starter in 2022.

But folks, it’s important to remain level-headed. We can’t be getting ahead of ourselves. We can’t be finding ourselves in a delusional state.

Stay the course. Be realistic. Temper expectations.

By no means deem a swap with the Falcons such as THIS as a “done deal.”

Even the most opportunistic Patriots fans have to laugh at this, right?

Who says no to this Patriots-Falcons Julio Jones trade? Atlanta does.

Now, we’re laughing at the reaction from NESN, not the initial proposal from Jeff Howe of The Athletic (subscription required).

In a column with multiple NFL insiders proposing hypothetical trades for Jones, Howe came up with N’Keal Harry and a conditional third-round pick. That’s a very Belichick-esque deal and entirely realistic, but it’s certainly not a “how can the Falcons say no to this?!” at this point in the rumor cycle. Julio Jones is arguably the best wideout in the game. He’s not a spare part.

Maybe this is one of the later scenarios the Falcons consider after they’ve been rebuffed asking for a first-rounder or a second-rounder and a player.

You can’t even consider Harry a legitimate trade chip at this point. People have the audacity to say Jones has “injury issues” when he’s missed 11 total games since 2014? Really? Then what “issues” does Harry have if he’s got just 45 receptions for 414 yards and four touchdowns in his first career 21 games?

He’s hardly even a playable receiver, even when the Patriots’ offense was one of the worst in the league in 2020. He was the supposed No. 1 option after Julian Edelman went down and he managed to get lapped by Jakobi Meyers.

As of now, Harry is a bust who possesses some upside if put in the right situation, but no team is going to consider him an asset. The Falcons surely will not, especially when it comes to maximizing a return for Jones, who’s your prototypical No. 1 wideout with probably at least two premier seasons left in the tank.

Please, Bill, don’t start trade talks off with this deal, or else the Falcons will quickly pivot to teams who are willing to take this process seriously.

Even Patriots fans have to laugh at NESN’s take on Julio Jones trade proposal

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