January 23, 2022


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Friday was all of that and more

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Friday was all of that and more

Which 2021 draft pick or undrafted free agent would you like to get to know more?

T.J. Slaton. One-hundred percent. It seems like he has a great personality and cool outlook on life. He’s also a 6-foot-4, 330-pound former basketball player. What’s not to love?

Michael from Chanhassen, MN

Hey Wes/Mike, I may have missed it here but I see the last weeks of our schedule as positive. Yes, there are three against division foes but I think with the bye week coming late it allows the Pack to be home four weeks out of the last six and one of those weeks it is a “rest” week. Plus, it will be great to finally have the Vikings at home in January (instead of) the typical October as of the last few years.

I made this point during “Unscripted” this week but I feel like this schedule sets up well for a Packers postseason run. But they gotta take care of business during the first three months of the season to make it count.

Chuck from Gold Canyon, AZ

Top of the morning Wes. I am glad there is no math in II. My college coach used to break down the season into quarters and emphasized winning each quarter. I can’t figure out how to do that with 17 games. Are you equally perplexed?

Perplexed? I’m more than perplexed, Chuck. I’m dumbfounded. I’m discombobulated. I’m bamboozled, flummoxed, wildered, bewildered, recombobulated and discombobulated all over again. This 17th game ruins everything. Spoff may be forced to retire his famed “quarter-pole” line!

The Blake Bortles signing is interesting. I looked at his stats and they aren’t horrible considering he played for Jacksonville for most of them. He also won two playoff games for them, which is unheard of. Why do you think he hasn’t received much attention from other teams?

That’s a good question. Bortles had an up-and-down run in Jacksonville but he did have the Jaguars one game away from the Super Bowl. He ranks second in pretty much every major QB category in team history to Mark Brunell. I get why the Jaguars went the direction they did but what I’ve found confusing is why Bortles was on the outside looking in last season after that one-year run in LA. In my opinion, he hasn’t been given a proper opportunity to get things back on track yet. Green Bay will be a welcome fresh start for Bortles.

Read the “5 things to know about Blake Bortles” article this morning. That’s all I know about him. Sounds like he has good size and played well. With our receivers, running backs and reduce his interceptions he could be a more than serviceable quarterback. Your thoughts?

What I like is the NFL really cut through the red tape with practice squads last year, allowing clubs to carry up to two players with unlimited NFL experience. So, there’s a lot of flexibility there with Bortles regardless of how things play out with Aaron Rodgers. The Packers needed a No. 3 QB and they got one. I’m excited to see Bortles throw.

Travis from Green Bay, WI

Does this make Blake Bortles the highest-drafted QB ever on a Packers’ roster?

Not even close. The Packers drafted Randy Duncan first overall in 1959 and had former top pick Tim Couch on their roster in 2004. Rick Mirer was the No. 2 pick in 1993, and Akili Smith and Vince Young were former third-overall selections. So, there are a few QBs in Bortles’ company.

Do you think we could make it as far next season with Jordan Love as our starter?

Thank you for the question, Ellie. Until we see how Love functions in a live game situation, that’s hard to say right now. If there had been a normal training camp and preseason last summer, I think we’d have a better idea of where Love is at in his development. I know he’s really young and really talented. Classroom is in session this summer.


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