October 26, 2021


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He’s the perfect player for this team

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He’s the perfect player for this team

Can Jon Runyan play the tackle position?

He could, but Runyan’s primary concentration has been the interior offensive line so far.

Good afternoon Insiders. Regarding the O-line depth, was there any progression last season with Simon Stepaniak’s comeback from injury? I remember hearing he had the talent to be considered a late Day 2 pick if he hadn’t been injured before the draft. I’m personally very excited to see his and Runyan’s development!

I haven’t heard any updates on Stepaniak since he was placed on injured reserve late last season but he could be a real sleeper for the Packers. He’s an extremely strong dude who played A LOT at Indiana. Patrick Taylor is also one name to keep an eye on.

How many running backs are on the roster?

Hi II! With the offseason workout schedule being released, could you remind us what workouts the media is able to attend? I’m ready to start reading some tweets about our guys on the field!

The Packers usually “open” locker room once a week during OTAs and for as many minicamp practices as the team holds (two or three, depending on whether a team-building exercise occurs).

I liked Spoff’s intro to the scrappy draftee CB. Is his last name pronounced JEEN-Charles or ZHON-Charles?

My buddy and I were talking about how Steph Curry has completely changed the NBA and the way it is played. We were trying to think if there was a player in the NFL that has impacted the game as much as Curry. Our first thought was Michael Vick.

Mine too. The NFL has continued to evolve since Vick’s prime but his speed changed the game in so many ways – from how quarterback is played and offenses are structured to the way teams construct their defenses.

Hey fellas. Let’s say you were granted an imaginary role as U.S. media/journalism czar. What is one thing you would implement to help humanize athletes, coaches, and other sports staff?

Eliminate the race to “be first.” Breaking news is fine. It’s what makes our world go round…but get it right.

Scott from Albertville, MN

What year did the first NFL Draft take place?

1936. Chicago had the No. 1 pick and drafted Jay Berwanger, while the Packers selected Russ Letlow with their first-ever draft pick (seventh overall). Letlow played eight seasons, won two NFL championships and was inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame in 1972. Berwanger never played for the Bears, opting instead to become a rubber salesman.

I know we’re all rooting for Tim Boyle but I went to the Lions website and could barely find his name outside of the roster page. Do you think coaches there will feel pressured to start Jared Goff since he was acquired in a blockbuster trade? Also, with the release of Kerryon Johnson, Jamaal Williams has one less person to beat out for a starting spot. I, for one, would cheer for a Boyle/Williams-led Lions team 15 games a year!

I nearly corrected you and then remembered, “Oh yeah, 17 games now. Great…” But Goff is the leader in the Lions’ clubhouse. While they received a bunch of picks for Matthew Stafford, the Lions made that trade with the intention of Goff being the starter. All I’ve said since the beginning is Boyle is going to open some eyes this summer. He’s no longer a feelgood undrafted success story. Boyle is a fourth-year veteran now. This is his shot.

Derek from Eau Claire, WI

Does Jamal Williams have the most career carries as a Packers without a fumble? If so, who is second?

I’ll check next week with Tom Fanning in communications if the Packers keep those records, but Williams must be up there. I also love how he went exactly 500 carries without a fumble during his four regular seasons in Green Bay.

Would Mike Holmgren allow the crap to happen? No.

Scott from Lincoln City, OR

Wes, soda or pop? (I’m just here to get my Packers Perks points.)

Me? Soda. My wife (who was born in Texas and raised in Kansas)? Pop.

I just hope Rodgers is doing his offseason squats, meditating, and ending his day with a rare 30-year scotch.

A question for all of you consumers of spirits: Does liquor ever go bad? I heard Quinn Meinerz talking about taking a few sips of his great-grandfather’s cognac after he was drafted and grimaced.

Gretchen from Dousman, WI

Thanks to Cliff Christl for his comments on the relationship between Lombardi and Jim Taylor. No. 31 broke my heart when he left the team and angered Coach Lombardi. Later, Lombardi himself would leave the Packers. Fans tend to think our favorites should chose team loyalty (or perhaps loyalty to us) every time. Athletes/coaches make their hard life decisions just like the rest of us and we all need to honor that even when it hurts us.

All good things must eventually come to an end and every exit is different. Taylor was a fascinating individual, and I’m interested to learn even more about him in Cliff’s book. I believe everything Cliff said, based on what I’ve gathered over the years. In my only interaction with Taylor seven years ago, he was respectful, but stern. He had a straightforward way about him that rubbed some the wrong way, but I think that attitude is also what probably made him such a great football player.

Nick from Hamilton, Ontario

NO SOURCES?!? ALL THIS DRAMA AND THERE WERE NO SOURCES? Remember when journalistic integrity meant something? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Please don’t get me started on that.

Alexander from Menomonie, WI

The red or blue pill to just get to football?

*Grabs both pills and swallows* before Morpheus can explain the rest.

On night one of the draft, ESPN aired a schedule release promo with Rodgers vs. Mahomes as the featured matchup. Starting the next day, Rodgers had been replaced by Jackson. I think the Rodgers situation will have an effect on how the Packers’ schedule plays out.

I stated earlier this week that I don’t see this affecting the schedule, but that opinion was born mostly out of how complicated the process is. At the same time, I noticed Gil Brandt tweeted on Friday “will be interesting to see how many primetime games GB gets when the schedule is released. … NFL could be showing its hand as to whether or not it believes Aaron Rodgers will be playing in GB next season.” Gil would know a lot better than me. I guess we’ll all find out together Wednesday.

No question, just wanted to say thank you for not overloading the II with all of the Rodgers drama. It is much appreciated, as I never hear the end of it from my coworkers who happen to be Vikings fans.

Feel whatever it is you want to feel and believe whatever it is you want to believe, but pace your emotions. We have a long way to go yet, friends. It’s exactly one month until the start of mandatory minicamp and almost three months until training camp. With that being said, I’m ready for the weekend to begin. Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, my beautiful wife and all the other moms out there!


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