October 22, 2021


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Jacoby Jones could have a rough night on Friday

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Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns

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For the first night of the draft, the Commissioner takes center stage. On the second night, current and former players announce plenty of the picks.

The best moment came four years ago in Philadelphia, when Cowboys receiver Drew Pearson stirred up Eagles fans with a Hall of Fame level trolling of Philly fans. This year, with the draft in Cleveland, a different receiver has drawn the short straw on behalf of the team that used to be the Browns.

Former Baltimore receiver Jacoby Jones will announce a Ravens pick on Friday night. Even with 25 years of water under the bridge, plenty of folks in Cleveland continue to be salty about the 1996 relocation of the Browns to Baltimore.

Others who may not receive a warm welcome in Cleveland include former Steelers running back Franco Harris and former Bengals tackle Anthony Muñoz. Jones, however, will surely hear it the loudest in a negative.

The loudest cheer surely will be for Browns defensive end Myles Garrett, who will announce the home team’s night two selection.

Jacoby Jones could have a rough night on Friday

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