October 22, 2021


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Jets’ Zach Wilson asked about mom Lisa in awkward interview

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WFAN host Craig Carton used his first interview with Zach Wilson to ask the new Jets quarterback about his “really hot” mom, and it did not go over well with listeners.

“Your mom has become the lead story,” Carton told Wilson on the “Carton and Roberts” show Friday. “And I say that respectfully because people are like, ‘the star of the first round of the draft is Mrs. Wilson because she’s a very attractive woman.’

“And I’m just wondering how awkward that is for you, that you just got picked second overall in the draft, and the focus is, wow, his mom is really hot,” Carton said as he and co-host Evan Roberts laughed. “I’m sure you’ve dealt with this your whole life, but now it’s playing out on Broadway. How awkward is that for you?”

Wilson, the baby-faced 21-year-old Mormon from Utah, took the question about his mother, Lisa, in stride.

“Yeah, it’s not my favorite for sure,” Wilson said. “I like to keep her out of the spotlight. She’s an awesome lady and I love having her support.”

Carton responded, “I respect that … And I had to bring it up.”

Several of Carton’s listeners preferred he didn’t.

“Did Craig Carton seriously just ask Zach Wilson what he thought of people saying his mother is hot? Wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to leave already,” one Jets fan tweeted.

Another listener commented, “What the hell thats so weird.”

Carton, who has built a radio career off his irreverent personality, addressed the criticisms in a tweet later Friday night: “Appreciate how sensitive u r but b sure 2 listen 2 what I said versus what u assume I said. I asked him how awkward it was that the Post wrote story about his moms looks, also the #1 trending topic online all day. I didnt ask him bout (sic) her looks or 2comment on them Big difference.”

The 52-year-old Carton returned to WFAN in November, having served a little more than a year in federal prison for fraud after carrying out a multi-million dollar ticket resale Ponzi scheme.


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