October 26, 2021


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Julian Edelman’s April Fools’ Day prank actually scared a ton of fans

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Despite the fact that they have built an entire brand on stoically going about their business, Julian Edelman and the New England Patriots aren’t above a little bit of nonsense on April Fools’ Day.

After Tom Brady left the Patriots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he was followed a parade of veteran free agents who signed cheap deals in order to link up with the six-time Super Bowl champ. Edelman stayed behind in New England, ended up getting injured, and enduring one of the worst seasons of his career.

Does that mean that Edelman will be taking his talents down to St. Petersburg and Ybor City? It’s been rumored!

Edelman posted a GIF of Jack Sparrow on Thursday, prompting some nervous Patriots fans to assume that he’s the next one to leave New England for the sunnier weather in Tampa.

Edelman waited all of 42 minutes to ruin all speculation of him potentially swapping out his Pats colors for the pewter squad down in Tampa, confirming that he’s staying in New England … at least for now.

Edelman shouldn’t have responded until a few hours later, as it would have really created some serious hysteria. Still, he appears to have lowered the collective blood pressure of the state of Massachusetts with his follow-up GIF.

Julian Edelman trolled Patriots fans and it wasn’t pleasant.

All jokes aside, Tampa Bay might be a better situation for Edelman than New England. Edelman’s health is starting to deteriorate, and Belichick seems to know that, evidenced by his spending spree to bring in Kendrick Bourne and Nelson Agholor. Is this a sign that Edelman is potentially on his way out?

Edelman caught just 21 passes last year and failed to find the end zone. It’s a bit of a cruel joke that Edelman, once a pillar of consistency, has played in just 34 games over the last four seasons.

Brady is known to like targets that can quickly pick up the offense, and Edelman would give the Bucs a type of receiver that’s currently not on the roster. Might this be a perfect fit? Perhaps we’ll find out after April Fools’ Day?

Tampa Bay could use a reliable underneath target, and New England is getting younger. Look for Draft Day for something to potentially go down. If not, expect Edelman to finish out his contract with the Pats.

Patriots: Julian Edelman’s April Fools’ Day prank actually scared a ton of fans

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