August 15, 2022


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Kellen Moore is not running a new offens…

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A Dallas Cowboys insider has confirmed that new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore is not bringing a new offensive system to Big D this season.

Despite posting a winning season for each of the past three years, which included two playoff berths, the Dallas Cowboys parted ways with offensive coordinator Scott Linehan this offseason. In his place, the Cowboys promoted quarterbacks coach Kellen Moore.

Moore, a highly-respected and successful college quarterback at Boise State, toiled as a backup for six seasons in the NFL. And while most of that time was spent on the sidelines holding a clipboard, Kellen also spent five of those six years as a professional under Linehan. Two seasons with the Detroit Lions (2012-2013) and three more in Dallas (2015-2017).

Last season, Moore transitioned from backup passer to quarterbacks coach, helping to guide third-year starter, Dak Prescott. And after one-year spent in his first-ever coaching job, Kellen was promoted this offseason to coordinate the entire Cowboys’ offense.

Despite the hiring of Moore, the offense in Dallas doesn’t figure to change much. After all, the Cowboys found success under the previous regime, posting an impressive 32-16 win/loss record. And Moore is a disciple of Linehan, having spent a total of six years under his system. So the idea that the new OC would be bringing a new offensive system to Dallas was dismissed early on.

Last month, wide receiver Amari Cooper described the offense under Moore as the same plays but they are attempting to disguise them better. And that same assessment was made recently by a Cowboys’ insider.

Here’s how football analyst for, Bryan Broaddus, responded to a recent mailbag question that appeared on the team’s official website and referred to Moore’s new offensive system.

“It’s not a new offensive system. They are wrinkles and adjustments to personnel groups and formations, but that’s it.”

For fans of the Cowboys, it appears they will be seeing many of the old plays that were being run previously under Linehan this upcoming season. And that’s actually a good thing. That means the Cowboys are not going to spend all of training camp trying to install an entirely new offense. Instead, they’ll be learning different ways to disguise existing plays that have proven to be successful in recent years.

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Following the trade for Amari Cooper, the Dallas Cowboys’ offense was much-improved. Prior to the trade, the Cowboys averaged 20 points per contest and had lost four of their first seven games. After the addition of Cooper, that average jumped to 22.1 points per contest and Dallas won seven of their final nine games, leading to an NFC East title.

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