September 30, 2022


Let's Get It!

Mark Schofield’s Mock Draft of Integrity

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(Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports)

And here we go…

Remember, this is not a “what I would do” mock but what I think is going to happen on Thursday night. I will not believe that the San Francisco 49ers draft Mac Jones until I can see him hugging Roger Goodell, but it does look like the winds are blowing in this direction. After all, just Sunday night we saw this:

So while I personally would draft Justin Fields here, it does look like Jones is indeed very much in play, and I think in the end that is the pick for San Francisco.

This is not to say that Jones is a bad quarterback prospect. He is a good prospect at the position and does some things well that still matter, such as pocket movement skills, accuracy in the short- and intermediate-areas of the field, and hanging in the pocket to take the big hit while he gives a route concept time to break open downfield. It would not be the pick if it were me, but I can see what Kyle Shanahan might indeed appreciate about Jones as a prospect.

Mock Draft 4.0: Mark Schofield’s “Mock of Integrity”

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