May 11, 2021


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Marv Levy’s advice to Bill Belichick should encourage Pats Nation

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In case the Patriots’ wild spending spree this offseason didn’t clue you in, Bill Belichick is still in this for the long haul.

Even as he nears the age of 69.

It was only a few years ago that Belichick declared that he had very little intention of coaching into his 70s like Bills legend Marv Levy, who reached the age of 72 before walking away from the game. And why would Belichick waste time spinning his wheels in the dirt, after all? Isn’t six rings enough?

Well…coaching is all he’s ever known. If he’s still in love with the profession and he’s still willing and able, why give up now, especially with Tom Brady elsewhere and a new set of goals to reach?

It came as no surprise to Patriots diehards when Belichick walked back his earlier age-related comments a few years as the date of his 70th birthday actually began to approach.

So…how much longer are we really talking here? If you believe Levy, the sky’s the limit.

Patriots HC Bill Belichick can coach forever, as long as he loves it, per Marv Levy.

If the Patriots had wilted in free agency this year after saving endless space last season, you could’ve seen the end of the road coming. You might’ve assumed Belichick’s zeal for the game had dissipated, and he was choosing to hand a top-pick QB off to his successor instead of competing.

After last month’s frenzy, it’s fairly obvious that is not the case.

As Levy told ESPN’s Mike Reiss, there’s no reason for Belichick to stop now if he still wakes up everyday loving his job. In fact, Levy went on to say that even he regretted his decision a few years after the fact — in his mid-70s, mind you.

“Age is only an approximate thing. You’re involved and you’re going at it hard, and you love it, that’s it,” the longtime Bills coach, now 95, said in a phone interview with ESPN. “You just coach as long as you love it. I finally retired because the great core of our team had gotten old, and they were all retiring. And I had it finally. I felt I needed some time away.”

No matter what the stoic head coach tells his adoring public, there’s bound to be endless speculation as he ages, though.

We thought the financial track record would quiet the chorus, but apparently not. Maybe he’ll choose to go out on top after he climbs the mountain one final time?

Patriots: Marv Levy’s advice to Bill Belichick should encourage Pats Nation

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