December 1, 2022


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Packers rookie WR Amari Rodgers eager to follow…

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Packers rookie WR Amari Rodgers eager to follow...

Rodgers received a brief introduction to what it’s like to share a position room with Adams during the team’s mandatory three-day minicamp – and a small preview of the knowledge the rookie hopes to draw from later this summer.

“It was amazing, being able to pick his brain a little bit and add something to my toolbox from him,” Rodgers said. “He’s one of those player-coaches, so if you don’t know something you can go to him because you know he’s been in the game, he’s been experienced and he’s probably the best receiver in the game, in my opinion, right now.”

As the son of a football coach, Rodgers was born with an insatiable appetite for the game. While film study can be work for some, Rodgers professes his enjoyment in watching Adams, Stefon Diggs, Antonio Brown, and former Memphis standout Anthony Miller, now a slot receiver for the Chicago Bears.

Those off-the-field efforts seem to have made a difference for Rodgers on the field, culminating in a senior season in which he led Clemson with 77 catches for 1,020 yards and seven touchdowns, in addition to handling punt returns.

Likewise, the Packers are hoping the rookie third-round pick can do a little bit of everything for them. Rodgers not only gives them a more traditional slot receiver that the offense has been missing, but also a playmaker proficient in running jet motions.

“I think without a doubt he’s going to do some cool things for us this upcoming year,” offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett said during OTAs. “He’s not intimidated by what we’re handing to him. He’s a student of the game and you can see that. He’s got a natural feel to the game in these limited reps. I think that’s only going to develop with time and I’m excited about the progress that he’s making.”

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