January 24, 2022


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Patrick Peterson Building Collection of Zimmer’s Coaching Points, Guiding Vikings CBs

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Zimmer said Peterson has a “good presence” in meeting rooms.

“Last night, in the defensive meeting, I’m talking to him about things that I would talk to a young player about, ‘This is what’s important when you’re playing this particular technique,’ ” Zimmer said. “And he’s listening to it and helping there, so when I’m coaching Patrick Peterson there, I’m also seeing that Kris Boyd is listening to me coach Patrick Peterson, which is a lot different than I’m just coaching Kris Boyd and things like that. So Dantzler has to listen to what I’m saying to Peterson. Peterson’s nodding his head, ‘Yeah, I understand, Coach,’ so that whole thing brings these young guys along a little bit faster.”

Peterson said he’s passing along to others how he maximizes his time studying film and then applying it to the field. Certain knowledge can provide enlightenment and allow cornerbacks to limit the list of routes that a receiver is most likely to run based on formations.

Leading and modeling good listening, Peterson has learned, makes the team stronger.

“When a coach is able to coach up a veteran and a veteran is able to take that in, that gives those young players the kind of enlightenment that everybody is coachable,” Peterson said. “Coach is not just on the young guys, he’s not just coaching up the young guys, he’s coaching up everybody because at the end of the day, I say this all the time, we’re going to need every hand in the pile. If you’re able to take that coaching and apply it on the field, you’ll be a much better player.”


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