April 11, 2021


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Patriots fans celebrate ‘3-28 Day’ in latest prime chance to troll Falcons

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Good evening, Patriots fans! Has it really been four years already?!

Luckily, trolling has no expiration date. In fact, it only becomes sweeter with age, as disbelieving kids grow up struggling to comprehend what really happened.

Then, wide-eyed Pats fans get to tell them all over again about that fateful evening in Houston when New England faced a 28-3 deficit towards the end of the third quarter of the Super Bowl and came away…well, you know the ending.

And, on March 28, we troll. We troll hard.

See, today’s date (3/28) is the exact inverse of the way the famous deficit is usually said aloud, but it’s also the exact manner in which it was displayed on the scoreboard (and so many shirts) before James White scampered in for New England’s first touchdown.

So, happy 3/28 Day to all in the region who celebrate!

Patriots fans are trolling the Falcons (again) on 3-28.

The fourth quarter of that blessed game was a literal blur, but any Patriots fan can recite the key moments by heart — and if any one of them had flipped the other way, we aren’t sitting here laughing at Matt Ryan today.

The strip-sack by Dont’a Hightower. Tom Brady’s doggedness. Julian Edelman’s diving catch. Ryan’s ineffectiveness. Kyle Shanahan’s garbage play-calling. The Julio Jones miracle catch that didn’t matter whatsoever.

Even four years and change later, it always goes down smooth. Almost makes you want to steal Brady’s jersey for a keepsake…almost.

How long has it been since you saw a man’s soul leave his body, Patriots fans? Because this side-by-side of Falcons owner Arthur Blank can definitely make that happen.

Much like Ralph Wiggum so many decades ago, you can almost pinpoint the exact second when his heart snapped in two. God choo-choo-chose Tom Brady yet again on that fine day in H-Town.

So, savor this, Pats Nation. Entering 2021, the team is reloaded and should be primed to contend yet again, but it’s difficult to replicate the specific magic of nights like this.

Until next March, make sure to keep the trolling up through midnight.

Patriots fans celebrate ‘3-28 Day’ in latest prime chance to troll Falcons

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