April 16, 2021


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Patriots fans will love Tom Brady’s pre-Super Bowl hype video

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Even Patriots fans have to admit this Tom Brady hype video for the Super Bowl rules.

Do we miss Tom Brady’s social media hype videos before massive Patriots games? Of course we do. We will for the rest of time.

But we’re also secure enough in our franchise history to be able to appreciate what Brady’s putting out ahead of his record 10th (!) Super Bowl appearance as a starting QB.

There will never be anything like this guy again — plus, he’s going into the Hall of Fame in our uniform, so why not enjoy the prestige of his digital pirate ships in the meantime?

Brady put up one more traditional Super Bowl hype clip a few hours before Sunday’s kickoff at his new home stadium, and it’s classic TB12 — and yes, it stung less than his exact recreation of the “We’re Still Here” video from after the AFC Championship in Kansas City that was posted a few weeks ago.

Also, hilarious that Brady still uses his not-that-intimidating voice to narrate these things. Couldn’t spring for James Earl Jones or something? Come on, GOAT.

At least ask Gronk to read the script. Could be fun.

Nearly every Patriots fan we’ve spoken to is rooting for Brady to further cement his ridiculous career with a never-will-be-topped seventh Super Bowl, but the comment section on this video wasn’t quite as kind to the QB.

Come on, Ned. Clean up your feed and respect the greatest to ever do it.

Brady’s social media persona has always been somewhat incongruous with the, “LET’S GO!”-screaming QB machine we watched every Sunday deep into January. Since opening up a Twitter account, he’s sanctioned a lot of goofing — and don’t get us started on his Instagram, which can be downright inscrutable.

But ahead of the biggest games of his career, you can always count on Brady to have something immaculately-produced and worthy of the fight posted to his social channels.

If you close your eyes, you can almost pretend the Patriots are about to take to the turf in Tampa. But in terms of second choices, this is a fairly strong one to have.

Patriots fans will love Tom Brady’s pre-Super Bowl hype video

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