December 1, 2022


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Police escort of Robert Saleh into NYC was ‘not authorized’: police

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The New Jersey State Police escort of the Jets’ new head coach into the Big Apple for a Knicks playoff game was “not authorized,” authorities said Friday.

“The escort of New York Jets Coach Robert Saleh by a New Jersey State Police marked car was not authorized,” NJSP Lt. Jeff Flynn said in a statement Friday.

“The incident has been referred to the Office of Professional Standards for an internal investigation,” Flynn added.

Exclusive video obtained by The Post on Thursday shows Saleh and three of his sons rolling up to Madison Square Garden’s VIP entrance in a black SUV as a marked NJSP vehicle followed closely behind with its lights flashing.

The one-minute clip shows Saleh, who was hired as the Jets coach in January, get out of the SUV around 7:25 p.m. Wednesday with his kids for Game 2 of Knicks-Hawks series.

The incident violated standard protocol for police escorts into New York City from New Jersey, sources told The Post.

Robert Saleh got a police escort to the Knicks' game Wednesday night.
Robert Saleh got a police escort to the Knicks’ game Wednesday night.
Adam Glyn

Typically, the only time New Jersey troopers make the trip into New York City is when Gov. Phil Murphy heads into the Big Apple with his state police security detail.

The trooper who escorted Saleh and his kids didn’t even alert the Port Authority Police Department or the NYPD to the convoy, the agencies said.

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