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Rashan Gary looks like he belongs, every time he’s…

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Rashan Gary looks like he belongs, every time he’s...

As an Aggie and Packers fan, I’m really hoping that Jace Sternberger is the breakout player for 2021, but if I had to bet money, I’d probably pick Rashan Gary to breakout to the rest of the league and Jon Runyan to breakout internally as external fans don’t really know other teams’ linemen.

My pick for breakout player of the year is second-year linebacker Krys Barnes. If he can stay healthy, Barnes should be near the top of the league in tackles. Creating some fumbles and an interception or two would help. My 2020 pick was Robert Tonyan so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice. Thanks.

10. What’s your go-to gameday recipe?

It’s hard to beat my venison chili and broiled venison loin with blue cheese. Good recipes to initiate those who’ve never eaten deer before and great to eat while watching the Pack!

Benjamin from Albuquerque, NM

Along with the usual suspects, such as brats and nachos, my wife makes these awesome Cuban sliders. Basically, take a full tray of mini Hawaiian buns, layer Black Forest Ham and slices of roast pork loin that has been glazed in mustard and honey, top with swiss cheese, beer mustard, and a single large dill pickle slice. Put them all in a glass tray, top with another tray and a couple bricks, put in 350-degree oven till the cheese is fully melted. Cool and enjoy!

My go-to gameday recipe is….spicy BBQ wings.

I’m not sure I can still call it my go-to gameday recipe. For a few years after a successful black bear hunt, I made sure to thaw out a package of ground bear meat for a pot of chili whenever the Packers played the Bears. I loved devouring a big bowl of bear chili while my team was also destroying the Bears. Sadly, my supply of bear meat has run out and I haven’t restocked the freezer since.

Buy one dozen of jalapeños, split in half, and seeded. One pound of pork sausage cooked crumbled and drained. One package of Philadelphia cream cheese, soften. Add a slice of cream cheese inside the peppers , add the pork sausage on top. Place on a cookie sheet with parchment paper and baked in a preheated 350′ oven for 10-12 minutes.

Jordan from Virginia Beach, VA

Best game day meal for me is buffalo chicken sliders and homemade Mac n cheese. Chicken breasts in the crockpot with Frank’s Red Hot for six hours and whatever magic my girlfriend works for her mac and cheese. You gotta try Martin’s Potato Rolls for the sliders with a dab of ranch. We add a side of fried green beans or okra if we want to a healthy element. A cold IPA matches well every time.

This year, my go-to game day recipe was poached shrimp with cocktail sauce. Bring a pot of water with lemon halves, bay leaves, peppercorns, and salt to a simmer, then throw in your shrimp and cover the pot for five minutes. Transfer the shrimp to an ice bath, stir a good tablespoon of horseradish into prepared cocktail sauce, and serve with lemon wedges! Bonus: not going to kill you if you eat them all by yourself, in quarantine.

Chips and queso. Not just any queso, but the grocery chain down in Texas (HEB) makes a brisket queso. You buy that and mix in some spicy guacamole. Mmmm.

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