Per Sports Info Solutions, Eskridge was especially devastating on slants last season, with eight catchable receptions on 13 targets for 295 yards, 210 yards after the catch, and five touchdowns. Basically, if you let him define leverage at the turn, he’s going to turn on the afterburners, and your defense is in big trouble. Eskridge tied for the NCAA lead on slant touchdowns with Alabama’s DeVonta Smith, who obviously had a higher draft profile and went 10th overall the Eagles.

And speaking of DeVonta Smith…

There are those who are concerned about Smith’s ability to win as a boundary receiver at 6-foot-1 and 166 pounds. But the tape shows with Smith, as it does with Eskridge, that if you can use your footwork to defeat press defenders at the line of scrimmage, the only thing stopping you from a potentially big play is some kind of mugging at said line of scrimmage. And even a good mugging might not always work.

As Smith does, Eskridge can absolutely nuke aggressive coverage at the line with his footwork. This showed up on his Western Michigan tape, and during one-on-one reps at the Senior Bowl, when Eskridge’s profile started to rise.

If you’re a press cornerback, this has to get annoying after a while.

“Throughout this process, I didn’t really put too much pressure on myself,” Eskridge said of his Senior Bowl experience. “I just kind of do what I do best. I always knew that I was one of the top-tier guys. It was just certain times where I may not get as many opportunities as the guys at the bigger schools and stuff like that. I faced things head on so as soon as anyone lines up against me, I’m automatically thinking I can win. I’m not thinking about anything else. I just went down there to show who the real D’Wayne was since I didn’t always have a camera on me.”

When he did, things went pretty well. As for the fit with Seattle, Eskridge said that this was the place he wanted to be.

“I just felt comfortable being in a good football position with them, more than anybody else that I talked to. They all kept it real with me. It was clear, uncut all the time. I just felt when it came to energies collide, I felt like it molded well instead of going the other way. So I always looked at them a little bit different than anybody else. I appreciated them for that.”

The Seahawks, as balanced between the run and the pass as they prefer to be, now have three legitimate downfield burners who can beat you in other, different ways in Eskridge, Lockett, and Metcalf. Good luck to enemy defenses when it comes time to figure out who to double.