January 22, 2022


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SITE NEWS: Next Gen KUBIAK Preseason Fan…

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Attention Football Outsiders readers: The Next Gen KUBIAK fantasy football application is now available!

Just like in past years, you can get Football Outsiders’ KUBIAK preseason fantasy football projections customized to your league’s rules and constantly updated throughout the preseason. However, the Next Generation is now ONLINE! No longer will you need to have Microsoft Excel in order to use the Football Outsiders KUBIAK application. No longer will you need to download updates over and over every time we change our projections.

The new Next Gen KUBIAK application allows you to save multiple leagues with multiple sets of rules. Switch between them easily. One league PPR and one league without? We’ll track them both. Do you do a 2-QB league with eight teams and a 1-QB league with 12 teams? We’ll track them both. You can incorporate Football Outsiders’ Risk projections (Green, Yellow, or Red) or leave them out. You can incorporate Playoff Adjustments that give more weight to Weeks 14-16, or leave them out. We’ll even track inflation in your auction so you know how keepers or players drafted early have affected the auction value of the players still left to be drafted.

Our standard view compares the rank in KUBIAK fantasy points over position baseline to the average draft position in drafts at ESPN, Yahoo, and around the Web. Plus, an expanded positional view lists the actual stat projections for each player along with projected DVOA for “skill position” players.

Please note IDP projections, which are usually included with our KUBIAK fantasy football projections, are coming in early August. We’re still finalizing the functionality so you can customize the specific IDP rules of your league. Also coming in early August: print functionality so you can print off your KUBIAK cheat sheet and take it to your draft without having to take your laptop or tablet.

You can get access to the new Next Gen KUBIAK application through the Football Outsiders store. Or check out our storefront and get KUBIAK as part of one of our three combined premium packages that also include premium stat access and Football Outsiders Almanac 2019.

If you want to see how the new Next Gen KUBIAK application works, you can check out this demo using the 2017 projections and play around with it for free.

Do you have feedback about the new Next Gen KUBIAK application? Please contact us to let us know.

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