April 11, 2021


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Stephen A. Smith has dumbest trade idea possible involving Cam Newton

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Can the mainstream sports media just leave the New England Patriots alone already? After one mediocre season everyone all of a sudden thinks they can help Bill Belichick fix an entire roster.

Well guess what? He’s already well on his way after what he was able to do at the onset of free agency. Nearly $300 million later and remaining cap space to work with, the Pats should be back in the postseason come 2021.

Yes, even with Cam Newton under center. We know he didn’t show us a whole lot in 2020, but that year under his belt will go a long way in helping him lead the offense next year.

So, yes, he will be the Patriots’ starting quarterback. And no, the Patriots will not listen to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith’s terrible trade idea involving the former MVP.

Can we move on from the idea of acquiring Jimmy Garoppolo? It’s just probably not going to happen. And what makes everyone think that Garoppolo will be just fine in the Patriots offense? He started two games for them. The odds of him remembering the playbook are fairly slim as well since he’s been tasked with learning Kyle Shanahan’s complex system in San Francisco.

And wouldn’t the current version of the playbook have to change with a different kind of QB in Garoppolo coming to town?

Newton’s actually the one in a familiar situation. The playbook is fresh in his mind and now he’ll know what it’ll be like going to work with capable skill position players after Belichick’s additions on offense. Don’t you think his 2020 would have been acceptable if he had a semblance of a No. 1 wide receiver and a real tight end?

And if we want to talk finances, why would the Pats part with Newton, who is only guaranteed $3.5 million in 2021, for Garoppolo, who is guaranteed $26 million? Belichick was hesitant about paying Tom Brady last offseason and frequently had him take pay cuts during his tenure in New England. Paying $26 million for an oft-injured and inconsistent Garoppolo is not part of this man’s formula.

Newton still has plenty to prove in New England, but he’s already shown the world what he’s capable of and who he is as a player. There’s no sense in trading him for someone who’s yet to prove himself from a production standpoint after being in the NFL for seven seasons.

We’re not talking about a downtrodden franchise like the Detroit Lions here. We’re talking about a 7-9 Patriots team that was plagued by injuries, opt outs and free agency departures. And that was their WORST record in 20 years. If that’s the darkest it’ll get in New England, we’re sure fans would take that again instead of reading about anxiety-inducing end-of-the-world trade scenarios.

Patriots: Stephen A. Smith has dumbest trade idea possible involving Cam Newton

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