December 6, 2022


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Th NFL’s top 11 centers

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(Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

I still crack up at that photo…

As we discussed with Brandon Brooks, despite the struggles from the Philadelphia Eagles in 2020 — and the anticipated struggles for 2021 — you cannot point to the offensive line as a weakness. That includes Jason Kelce, who despite the length of his career remains one of the best centers in the game.

Last season was not perfect, as Kelce allowed a career-high four sacks according to charting data from Pro Football Focus, but when you watch him on film you see everything you want to see from a center. This clip dives into his pass protection skills, as well as a cut block on a screen play that might be one of my favorite plays from any center last season:

I just love how Kelce is scanning the field for a target, then chops down the safety and gets up celebrating.

Again, the Eagles are expected to struggle in 2021. But if they surprise, the offensive line — and Kelce — might be why.

The NFL’s top 11 centers

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