December 1, 2022


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That’s been the blueprint for the Packers

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That’s been the blueprint for the Packers

Hey II, just a quick thought on why the veteran WRs aren’t at OTAs. Primus, aren’t they all in contract years? They might not want to risk injury in a non-mandatory camp. Secundus, the NFLPA is calling for a boycott anyway, so they can claim solidarity. Tertius, if/when Rodgers comes back, they can claim solidarity with him. If not, they can point to the first two reasons.

When the receivers are back, I’m sure they’ll be asked about it. I’ll let them speak for themselves. Again, this is all voluntary…except for Spoff and me. We’d have to use PTO.

Chuck from Gold Canyon, AZ

Namaste Wes. Regarding Spoff’s response to Ned in yesterday’s II and looking at this week’s OTA practices, last year proved that quality football can be played without the full offseason program. To me having an almost full complement of defensive players there is important due to having a new DC, but the veterans on offense not so much. I know the impression with the A-Rod situation angers some but the product come September is all that really matters. What is your opinion?

If there was ever a player who could miss the offseason program and not skip a beat in the summer, it’s Aaron Rodgers. Defensively, however, there’s no question this is an important time for returning players to get familiar and comfortable with Barry’s scheme – especially the key communicators at inside ‘backer and safety.

Depending on how this offseason with Rodgers plays out, the NFL may feel a sense of urgency to get the Packers to London sooner rather than later. It would be a bummer to the European fans, and a disservice to the NFL on an international level, to miss such an opportunity to showcase one of the greatest players of all time playing for the most historic franchise. For all the right moves the NFL makes how could they not capitalize on that?

As much as I enjoyed covering the Packers-Chargers game in the LA Galaxy’s 27,000-seat stadium, it’s a crime that game wasn’t played in London. I wish the NFL could’ve found a way to cover the difference and convince the Chargers not to block the league from sending that game overseas.

What is the status of the minority coaching fellowship program led by Ruvell Martin? Is it still active? I’d love to know more about its mission and how it works. Martin always struck as someone who could be an excellent coach. Has he expressed interest in doing so?

I’m not sure if it was a two-year fellowship but Martin is still with the team in that role. He works with Jason Vrable and the Packers’ receivers.

Insiders, it appears to me most jet sweeps are run from the left to the right. Am I correct? If I am, why would this be?

I’m guessing that has to do with a right-handed quarterback and drawing up the play to his strong side. Otherwise, the QB is throwing across his body and possibly the hashes.

Hello Insiders! Has there ever been a player you saw at rookie camp who you thought was a lock for the roster only to see his name on the cut list prior to the season opener? If so, who was it and what do you link to their demise from promise to purgatory?

This guy wasn’t a “lock” by any means, but one of my favorite stories was the time Mike McCarthy praised Kansas State running back Angelo Pease after rookie camp in 2013. I think everyone wrote stories based on those comments. Come to find out, days later, the Packers hadn’t even given Pease a signing bonus (a general indicator of which undrafted rookies the team is high on). Pease carried the ball three times in the preseason, for minus-6 yards, and was let go during the initial cut to 75. After that, I was always careful about making proclamations about players coming out of rookie minicamp.

Evan from Durango, CO: “Favorite athlete/coach press conference moments?” Spoff: “They are … who we thought they were! And we let ’em off the hook.” Mine…

1) “We didn’t lose the game; we just ran out of time.” – Vince Lombardi

2) “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” – Vince Lombardi

3) “Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser.” – Vince Lombardi

4) “You lose with potential. You win with performance.” – Bill Parcells

“Cannot win with ’em, cannot win with ’em, cannot coach with ’em. Can’t do it. I want winners. I want people that want to win.” – Mike Singletary

What is your favorite preseason activity? Mine’s preparing the grill and supplies for tailgating.

Having the day off after preseason games. I missed that last year.

Ronald from Komoka, Ontario

Your smart-aleck response to my question yesterday was not appreciated. By the way, I guess that Ted Bruschi and Dan Patrick are 6-year-olds, as well, as they both recommended the same trade on live programs. No worries, you will never receive another question from me again.

Wes, for the love of all things Packers and for the sake of the readers of the Insider Inbox, tell Mike where those gosh darn binoculars are! He’s trying to glean critical information that we all need to know.

I would…but then I would have to ban him.

All right, Wes. Mike asked for it, so I’m gonna let you have it. Indiana Jones vs. Han Solo: Who’s your guy and why?

Han Solo. I’m not familiar with the other dude.

Mike from Altamonte Springs, FL

“No tags on our pants” – There’s your Inbox T-shirt. You guys need to start making shirts to sell. Have a safe holiday weekend everyone.

By the way, we received our “I got my question answered in Insider Inbox and all I got is this lousy shirt” from Maniac marketing. Maybe we’ll pass those out as Outsider Inbox prizes in July.

Jordan from Virginia Beach, VA

Thank you to all the veterans that served, especially the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice, for our freedoms. The reports about Aaron Jones and the loss of his father are very heart touching. I propose that his seat near the end zone be covered with an American flag for the first home game to honor him as a father and as a veteran. Everyone who sits in that seat for the other games should do something to honor Alvin Sr. The family deserves at least that much. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

I don’t work in ticketing and have no say in the matter, but that would be pretty dang cool. I’m handling the Monday Inbox this week, so I’ll talk to you again on Memorial Day but I wish everyone a safe and fulfilling holiday weekend.

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