September 22, 2023


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The NFL’s best pass-rushers from every gap

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Before we get into specifics, we should mention that while Donald doesn’t top the list at any one position, it’s because he’s so great… well, everywhere. It’s yet another way in which, when we talk about defensive linemen, there is Aaron Donald, and there is everybody else. Last season, including the playoffs, Donald had 14 solo sacks and 78 total pressures. Only Tampa Bay’s Shaquil Barrett and Pittsburgh’s T.J. Watt had more total pressures, and Donald tied with Watt for the NFL’s most solo sacks. Keep in mind that while Barrett and Watt were most often detached form the formation and rushing from the edge, Donald was more often than not getting his work done from the inside, and as a constant focus of the opposing offensive line.

Last season, Donald had six sacks and 31 pressures as a 3-tech tackle, two sacks and 18 pressures as a 4i tackle, two sacks and nine pressures as a 4-tech tackle, one sack and seven pressures as a five-tech end, three sacks and nine pressures as a 7-tech end, and two pressures as a 9-tech end. Basically, wherever you line Aaron Donald up, he’s going to demolish your quarterback.

Now, onto the individual pass-rushing kings from the 2020 season, and what those technique names mean.

The NFL’s best pass-rushers from every gap

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