October 26, 2021


Let's Get It!

The Winner Of The 2021 Steelers Mock Draft Contest Is …

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The great David Orochena has now finally managed to score all of the 2021 Pittsburgh Steelers mock draft contest submissions that we received this year and according to the results that we have, Dante Bisogni won 60 points as he also won the tie breaker over Brian Veenema, who came in second with 60 points. Craig McKinney came in third (tied nine entries with four players named and three in right round but had closest tiebreaker).

Bisogni named six of nine players drafted by the Steelers this year and placed three in correct round. Veenema named four drafted players correctly and all in their correct rounds.

As of right now, these are your first, second and third placers as part of the unofficial results of the contest. In order to make sure that we did not make any mistakes, all of you have until 9 AM EST Saturday to protest that you had a higher score than both Dante, Brian and Craig did. If no errors are found, then these people will be paid their winnings. The three winners need to contact me soon at admin {{at}} steelersdepot {{dot}} com to claim your winnings.

I hope you all enjoyed the contest once again this year and I am always open to making it better if you have any ideas. If you feel your submission needs to be double-checked, email me and tell me your submission name and what you think your score should be.

Interesting enough, every entry named running back Najee Harris in first round.

Thank you to David once again for scoring every entry as that was no easy tasks.


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