December 8, 2021


Let's Get It!

They got it all back there

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They got it all back there

Morning II, my question has to do with salaries of players that are put on IR for injuries. How does the money they get affect the overall cap money for the team? Do players get a smaller check as compared to what they would get if active for game days? Thanks.

It depends if the player has split-salary language in his deal. If he does, then his paycheck if halved through duration of his time on injured reserve.

Dennis from Beavercreek, OH

Can you do me a favor? Can you ask AJ Dillon for his leg workout routine and post it here? I keep working out my legs and have yet to see any success.

“Stop clicking on crap and/or watching the wasteland.” michaelscottthankyou.gif

Spoff was throwing seeds on Friday.

Wes, welcome to the “dead zone” in the NFL calendar. Beyond the AR drama, what Packer news can we expect to hear about in the coming weeks?

This time of year? Hopefully none.

Hello II. LaFleur puts a red jersey on you and tells you to pick your position on offense. Do you go in at receiver and try to catch a deep route? Do you go in at quarterback and try to throw the deep route? Or, do you go in at running back and try to hit the hole amongst the trees? I pick running back.

I attempted to catch a lob from Tim Boyle last year and failed on my first two tries before finally juggling, and eventually snagging, the third attempt. So, there’s no way on earth I’m playing receiver with these baby hands. So, I’ll go with quarterback. I’d rather throw a wobbly pass to the slot receiver than break a finger feebly trying to catch one.

Hey Wes. For some reason my mind started wandering today. What would happen if Demovsky ever tried to steal your lunch? Would it result in a WWF-type Smackdown? Maybe you could even get Kenny Clark to help you out?

I wouldn’t need Kenny’s help. I’d just attack Rob’s bad knee and slide on out of there.

Good morning. After this week’s press conferences it’s clear the local media need to brush up their interviewing skills. Trouble is always brewing when they whip out the “AND” word. Hypothetical reporter question: What do you think of the new DC, how do you fit in with his scheme and what’s your favorite color? Hypothetical player answer: Blue. As professional interviewers, does this practice make you cringe and what did you have for lunch yesterday?

LaFleur (young head coach), Love (young QB), and the rest of the team didn’t sign up for the offseason drama. And neither did the two of you. I commend you on your professionalism and steadfast fortitude through this all. I know this goes without saying, but you do an outstanding job representing all the values the Green Bay Packers hold dear (honesty, integrity, and respectfulness). You have many fans that owe you a cold one. Keep it up and never compromise on your morals. Cheers!

Thank you, Dan. And thank you to everyone who has stuck with us throughout a very unusual offseason. One more week of OTAs before we shift gears into summer mode. Oh, and I nearly forgot, I’m supposed to give a shoutout to former Bay Port cross-country standout Ryan Baker. Hope you’re well, Ryan. Have a great weekend, everyone.

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