December 6, 2022


Let's Get It!

Thielen TDs, Jefferson Encore AND …

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“I think the biggest thing that I’ve seen out of JJ is he’s very, very confident right now. He’s a lot more talkative, a lot more excitable, I guess, is a way to go,” Zimmer said. “He still runs great routes, catches the ball. But he’s still got to continue to do things right every single day, and that’ll allow him to continue to ascend into the player that he has the ability to be.”

Thielen said Jefferson believed in himself a year ago but now better knows what he and this offense are “capable of.”

“He’s just more confident and more relaxed and having fun playing ball,” Thielen said. “You know, he knew going into last year what he could do, but when you go prove it, now you can kind of come out here, work on the little things and continue to get better, and he’s showing that.”

Opponents on the Vikings 2021 schedule will no doubt enter every week of preparation with Jefferson included in their worry list.

He could draw more attention of double teams or be trailed across the field by a team’s top corner, which could then lead to more opportunities for Thielen and teammates.

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