October 26, 2021


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This trade package for Russell Wilson could actually work

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This NFL offseason figures to be one for the record books as far as quarterback movement is concerned, and the New England Patriots figure to play a leading role in the sweepstakes after they agreed to part ways with 2020 starter Cam Newton following the expiration of his contract.

For the most part, the fan base is split down the middle in terms of whether they’d rather the Patriots use their first-round pick (No. 15 overall) on a top prospect or trade for an established commodity from around the league (even in the wake of Matthew Stafford being dealt). Signing another stopgap veteran doesn’t feel palatable after last year.

When it comes to the trade market, however, there will be no shortage of options, and that list could add another star talent in the near future after rumors surfaced detailing Russell Wilson’s supposed frustration with the Seahawks‘ inability to equip him with a competent offensive line.

On top of that, Wilson revealed that he isn’t granted as much leeway as he would like in terms of providing insight on roster acquisitions. While it’s highly unlikely that Seattle even entertains the thought of unloading him, these rumors should no doubt pique the Patriots’ interest, so let’s delve into what a player of his caliber would go for on the trade market.

This Patriots trade package for Russell Wilson could actually work.

Let’s start by saying that the Patriots shouldn’t even get Seattle on the phone if they aren’t willing to mortgage their future in regard to draft picks. Even that might not be enough to land Wilson, who is one of the few transcendent talents currently playing in the league. Though he’s 32 years old, his last couple of seasons have proven that his best years are ahead of him.

While you could argue that the Patriots need their draft capital to help rejuvenate their middling roster, you simply have to throw caution to the wind when acquiring a player like Wilson enters the realm of possibility. After all, he would make them an instant playoff contender. With other marquee additions at wide receiver and defensive end, we could even end up in a situation where the Patriots are competing for a championship again.

With the sweet talk out of the way, however, here comes the part that will likely leave Patriots fans with butterflies in their stomachs (and not in the good way). Since we’re talking about a top three player at the QB position, Wilson would probably go for three first-round picks, two second-rounders and two impact players.

In terms of impact players, the Seahawks would likely ask for cornerback Jonathan Jones, who logged an elite 80.8 coverage grade from Pro Football Focus this past season, and probably a starting offensive lineman. While versatile guard Joe Thuney is out of the equation since he’s getting set for free agency, perhaps Seattle is intrigued by the upside of left tackle Isaiah Wynn.

Wynn has struggled with injuries over his first three seasons since he was drafted in the first round back in 2018, but he’s flashed star potential in each of his 18 career games and a change of scenery could be just what he needs to jumpstart his career.

It’s likely the Patriots were growing impatient with the former Georgia star anyway, so the Seahawks would potentially be doing them a huge favor by taking him off their hands.

Five quality draft picks and two promising young players is the definition of a king’s ransom, but that’s simply what it would take to poach Wilson from the west coast.

Patriots: This trade package for Russell Wilson could actually work

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