December 1, 2022


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Tom Brady trolls himself after Lightning Stanley Cup win

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Wherever Tom Brady goes, success follows.

The ex-Patriots quarterback can seemingly do no wrong. Even when he makes a spur-of-the-moment extremely bad decision, like chucking a Super Bowl trophy across boats, things usually turn out alright.

But, just to be safe, the NHL is on the case when it comes to protecting the Tampa Bay Lightning’s glory.

Not shockingly, the Stanley Cup was awarded Wednesday night to…the team from the city Brady currently plays in, which seems to happen over and over and over again.

Prepping for a celebration, the Cup itself reached out to Brady with a reminder of proper post-victory etiquette in the aftermath of the Game 5 triumph.

Sorry, legendary trophy, but Brady’s not playing any games here. In fact, he might be up to his old tricks sometime next week.

Former Patriots QB Tom Brady trolled himself over the Stanley Cup.

Does he really do his own tweets?

The Stanley Cup, not Tom Brady. Obviously, that’s fresh TB12 humor right there.

This Lightning victory marks yet another chance for the legendary Patriots quarterback to show his newly-developed partying skills, which have only matured in the Florida sun. Thanks to Twitter user @TheSamerAli, it was already clear that winning follows Brady wherever he goes.

And we really do mean “wherever”.

Add in the two titles his city has already brought home in 2021 — one of them which he obtained with his teammates at their home stadium (so blessed) — and it’s clear this isn’t ending anytime soon.

Can he…maybe buy another place in Boston, too? C’mon, Tommy. We’ve got plenty of docks.

Now might be a good time to get out of Tampa anyway, considering it sounds like things are about to get truly gnarly at this parade.

Tom, blink once if you’re absolutely not interested in drinking beer brewed over skate ice. Blink twice if you just want to come home.

After all, things haven’t been quite the same in New England, where the raucous victory parties seem to have chosen Team Brady after the breakup.

When, not if, the Red Sox reverse that recent trend this fall, though, Brady should come back north and huck 2019’s Eastern Conference Champions Bruins trophy from the top of Faneuil Hall or something. No one would miss that thing.

Tom Brady trolls himself after Lightning Stanley Cup win

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