November 29, 2022


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Tom Brady’s take on Foxborough return is dismissive and odd

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Tom Brady — as always — tried to be funny on Thursday morning after the details of his upcoming return to Foxborough and battle with the New England Patriots became official.

Unfortunately, he struck the wrong tone this time around. Happens to the best of us.

We understand that Brady’s riding high at age 43 considering he chose to forge his “own path” in Tampa last offseason and ended up…well, unscathed in the postseason as always, hoisting his seventh career ring with Rob Gronkowski by his side.

It was so familiar it was tempting to call it another New England title. Brady’s latest jab might end that ill-advised era of good feelings, though.

Apparently, TB12 fancies himself in the exact same boat as LeBron James heading to Miami and leaving his title-less “college years” in Cleveland behind.

According to Brady, returning to New England — where he starred for over two decades — feels like “high school” in retrospect, and his new Buccaneers buddies are his college friends.

Tom Brady thinks his Patriots teammates are like “high school friends”?

Remember when your college friends ran into your high school friends for the first time? Suddenly you’re justifying inside jokes and scrambling, and no matter what you do, it’s hard not to view your childhood friends as somehow “lesser”. After all, they grew up with the juvenile you. The incomplete you. The version of you that wasn’t at its fullest yet.

Is that…really how Brady views Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots, the franchise he’ll forever be associated with no matter what he builds in Tampa? Is it just a goofy joke and an offhanded use of an expression?

This is the type of statement that’s funny-ish the first time your eyes cross it, but as it spins around your brain, it starts to make less and less sense or seem like an unnecessary dig.

If you think Brady’s trash talk game feels a little off entering this showdown, perhaps you’d prefer his dad’s method?

Less than 24 hours after the schedule release, when all the details of his son’s return as a conquering hero became official, Brady Sr. has taken to calling local Boston sports radio stations to talk smack.

If you’d like to attend Brady’s awkward high school/college friend mashup in person, it could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, according to the latest estimate.

Sounds a little rich for our blood.

If you’d like to experience the same awkward vibe without shelling out top dollar for an early-October football game, though, just head to any small-town bar on the night before Thanksgiving. You’ll overhear a lot of vague life updates and run into a false sense of superiority at every turn.

Especially after some kids have spent their junior years abroad. God, that’s it! That’s what Brady sounds like now! Extremely unpleasant.

Patriots: Tom Brady’s take on Foxborough return is dismissive and odd

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