October 18, 2021


Let's Get It!

Tomlinson & Peterson Additions Illustrate Vikings Priorities for 2021 Fixes

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“Coach Patterson is a great defensive line coach,” Tomlinson said. “I remember him talking to me when I was at the Combine. It felt like yesterday, but it was four years ago.

“A great, tremendous coach. You can just tell from his track record of the defensive linemen he’s had, and I’m super excited to play for him,” Tomlinson added. “I can’t wait to put these pads on and get out there and let him coach me up a little bit.”

The 2020 season was a frustrating one for all involved with the Vikings defense.

Injuries, missed games and inconsistent play all contributed to a unit that didn’t perform up to Zimmer’s lofty standard.

But as we cruise toward the end of March, there’s good reason to believe the 2021 season should be a bounce back year for the defense.

“You got Anthony Barr, Harrison [Smith], myself, D-Hunter. I know I’m forgetting some people, but we’re loaded,” Peterson said. “If we can come in here and stick to the three core values around here — unity, commitment and relentless — and you get all 53 guys on the same page for [every] game … we have a chance to do something pretty special.”


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