September 19, 2021


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Where do the Dallas Cowboys have a position surplus?

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Dallas Cowboys

Defensive end Aldon Smith, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

The Dallas Cowboys front office has to take advantage of player value and a decision has to be made whether they fit with this team long term. The team knew Everson Griffen was not part of the team’s future thus he was traded before last season’s trade deadline.

That kind of foresight is exactly the kind of move front offices get praised for yet that move seems to be the exception rather than the rule here in Dallas. The team could have gotten something for pass rusher Aldon Smith as a few teams were sniffing around during the trade deadline yet the Cowboys opted to keep him and he walked away in free agency for nothing.

Smith will be a very small factor when talking about compensatory compensation but the Dallas Cowboys could have traded him to Seattle, one of the suitors that came calling at the deadline last year. Instead, Seattle got him for less than half of what Dallas paid him last season.

The front office appears to now have a defensive coordinator that knows exactly what he wants in Dan Quinn and they already know what they have or need with offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. I hope the Dallas Cowboys keep the phone lines open and really listen to what other teams are offering.

There are a few positions on this roster that are deeper than others and one way to quickly balance out their fortune is to pinpoint who would fit well on this team and what position of strength the Dallas Cowboys can afford to pilfer from.

It is not easy as injuries have a way to derail teams’ plans but I think the gap between current starters and backups isn’t as big as some might think.

Where do the Dallas Cowboys have a position surplus?

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