September 25, 2021


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Why should fans see celebrities buying Robert Kraft a Bentley?

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Robert Kraft Hero Worship has dominated the Patriots community ever since he vaulted the team out of the doldrums, financing and spearheading their development into both sustainable champions and a dominant national brand.

It’s fair to say, though, that it’s possible to appreciate Kraft’s role in helping to allow a dynasty to grow without bowing at his feet and kissing his soles. After all … he’s a billionaire. He didn’t accrue his billions by being a beloved and magnanimous figure.

Patriots fans saying “Mr. Kraft” with a straight face is just as cringeworthy as Yankee fans begging for the resurrection of George Steinbrenner just because he splashed cash and made knee-jerk decisions, one of which was correct every once in a while.

Kraft has been a caretaker of the franchise you love, but you hardly know him.

Patriots fans are loyal to an impenetrable degree, defending the franchise at the drop of a hat whenever scandal arises. Was “Deflategate” ultimately much ado about nothing? Certainly. But not every high crime and misdemeanor involving the team is worth bending yourself in a pretzel over. Taking the same microscopic lens to Kraft’s recent behavior, and bringing a “win at all costs” mentality to finding loopholes and trying to render the evidence of his massage parlor trip inadmissible in court, minimizes the case as a whole.

Instead of doing mental math and working overtime to get Kraft off on a technicality in the court of public opinion, perhaps Patriots fans should try to allow him to do his job more anonymously? When you make an ego-centric billionaire the central figure in your sports life, you end up in a world where people think the general public actually cares about things like this:

Why am I being inundated with videos of Patriots owner Robert Kraft getting a Bentley?

Can Jay-Z, Meek Mill and Michael Rubin team up to get the Patriots’ owner his “dream Bentley” for his 80th birthday? Of course! Anyone can do anything they’d like to; everyone featured in this clipping has more wealth than they know what to do with. But why do I have to hear about it? Why do I need to have my Twitter feed overrun by a group of America’s richest men dropping off a rich person gift to a different, potentially wealthier rich person?

I also firmly believe Kraft could’ve purchased his own Bentley, if that was really his dream! Perhaps I am an idiot.

Thanks in large part to the strange culture that paints Kraft as one of many newsworthy New England Patriots celebrities instead of an anonymous financier, his negative traits become broadcast to haters and fans alike, and moments like this expensive gift become flash points instead of complete non-stories.

Patriots fans should absolutely not have an opinion on how Kraft spends his private time. The Kraft Industrial Complex, however, knows they defend him vociferously, and truly thought we’d all love to have a look at this “Now This News”-style video of our region’s hero receiving an expensive car in order to stake our claims on opposite sides of the fence.

Strangers should not call him “Mr. Kraft.” Strangers should also not be shown this video, which should’ve circulated only in “Rich Person” circles. The less Kraft we see, the better.

Patriots: Why should fans see celebrities buying Robert Kraft a Bentley?

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